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What’s the BCA Dana Program?

Purpose Is to ‘Connect, Enrich, Educate’

In the purest sense, Dana is generosity, openness, a capacity to embrace others with compassion and love. Shinran Shonin's life of gratitude has traveled across centuries and continents to arrive in our hearts today.

The Dana Program supports the BCA's ability to “Connect, Enrich, and Educate.” By connecting our local temple Sanghas, funding programs that share access to knowledge on Shin Buddhism, and providing comprehensive ministerial training; we are able to listen and experience the Nembutsu.

Last year, your donations to the annual giving program, the Dana Program, provided $101,000 to the BCA budget, which reduces the cost to temples to run the BCA. This offset supports BCA in offering quality programming.  This programming is then available for those that are just starting their Jodo Shinshu journey or may need assistance on their paths, to hear the Nembutsu. 

BCA’s purpose is to “Connect, Enrich, and Educate” our experiences. 

BCA connects temples throughout the nation by increasing Sangha engagement opportunities and being an integral part of national, district and affiliated organization conferences, and temple activities. 

BCA enriches us all by preserving and innovating on historic traditions dating back 2,500 years, sharing these rituals with the modern world, and continuing ministerial education to not only prepare and ordain our ministers but to support their continued growth and learning. And we, the members and visitors, benefit from the depths and knowledge of these ministerial experiences.  

In 2023, BCA held its first Kyoshi Certification in the United States at the Jodo Shinshu Center, in Berkeley, California, a situation typically only reserved for Japan. Yet, because of the causes and conditions including that BCA had the ministers and the facilities to make it possible, BCA had the privilege and honor of hosting the first Kyoshi Certification abroad. Your support makes possible opportunities such as these that allow outside the box thinking and solutions. 

BCA educates the members and the public about Jodo Shinshu Buddhism by offering the Center for Buddhist Education and its annual workshops and seminars for leaders and learners, youth programs, and general resources. We learn together, grow together, and flourish together.

We eagerly await your warm contributions!  

For more information on BCA programs and ways to support now and invest in the future, please contact or visit the BCA website under “GIVING.”


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