An Unexpected Close Encounter Turns Into Dharma Lesson

As I was at the supermarket purchasing flowers for our Sunday Zoom service, I thought that I would pick up a few additional items that I needed as well. Although it was only 1 p.m. in the afternoon, it was a little crowded since Thanksgiving was just around the corner. In addition to the daily customers, others were there purchasing their necessities for their Thanksgiving dinners as well.

This was not my regular supermarket, so I found myself unacquainted with the layout of the store and needing to look up at each sign hanging above the isles to see where things were kept. I was also in somewhat of a hurry to get back to the office since I had an online study group to prepare for.

I found myself walking fast in an attempt to pass a few people, but managed to get wedged between a few shoppers with their shopping carts. Due to the pandemic, I am usually more aware of the space between others and myself, but in my haste, I was now only an arm’s length away from other shoppers.

I was almost shoulder to shoulder with two shoppers, and under a young woman’s breath, I heard her say to her friend, “If this girl doesn’t back up, I’m gonna hit her.”

She actually used more explicit language, which caused me to h