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Grace Hatano Recognized for 50 Years as Dharma School Teacher

On May 21, the Sacramento Betsuin honored and recognized Sensei Grace Hatano for her 50 years of dedication as a Dharma School Teacher.

As a kindergarten teacher, she has helped young Dharma students begin their journey to learn and live the life of Nembutsu, a life of gratitude.

With her warm smile and heart of gold, she has nurtured more than 500 young Dharma students through the years who have grown to be adults — who, in turn, have brought their children to Dharma School and Sensei Grace's kindergarten class.

Amazingly, she is able to recognize and call many of them by name years later.

In addition to serving as a teacher for five decades, she received her Tokudo ordination in Japan and for the past 20 years has worked as a minister’s assistant.

Sensei Grace is a cornerstone of our Dharma School program and for that we are grateful.

Congratulations and thank you, Sensei Grace, for 50 years of teaching Dharma School.



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