IBS Named GTU Member School

The Institute of Buddhist Studies, the BCA’s leading Buddhist graduate school and seminary in the United States, marked a major milestone recently when it became a member school of the Graduate Theological Union.

It is the first non-Christian institution to be represented among the GTU’s nine member schools, the GTU announced Aug. 5.

In addition to the member schools, the GTU is made of up of five academic centers and six affiliates, making it the largest consortium of theological schools and institutes in North America. Both the IBS and the GTU are based in Berkeley, California.

As a new member school, “we will have a seat at the table,” said Dr. Scott Mitchell, IBS Dean of Students and Faculty Affairs. “We will be invited to join the GTU Board of Trustees, the Council of Deans, and other governing bodies.

“This means that we will be part of the conversation about religious education. The GTU has an enormous impact on how people think about religion in this country, and now IBS