Kimi Hisatsune, Lyricist of Notable BCA Gathas, Is Remembered

Readers may not immediately realize that many people have been touched by the creative work of Kimi Hisatsune.

Perhaps the most familiar lyrics that Hisatsune wrote were for gathas composed by Jane Imamura, such as “Buddha Loves You,” “Long Ago in India,” and “Farewell.”

Immersed in Buddhist children’s gathas over the decades, we have enjoyed singing about the little bird, the little pup, the pussycat, and the little fish to rejoice in the all encompassing compassion of Amida Buddha.

We recall the birth of the historical Buddha for Hanamatsuri as detailed in “Long Ago in India.” And yes, many still sing “Dharma (Sunday) school is over for another day … ” as we bid our Sangha friends “farewell” until the following week.