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Message on Gratitude for the Jodo Shinshu Teaching

On April 15, Monshu Kojun Ohtani delivered his Message on Gratitude for the Jodo Shinshu Teaching during the “Haru no Hoyo” (Spring Service) in conjunction with the Commemorative Service of the Establishment of the Jodo Shinshu Teaching.

In his message, Gomonshu-sama shared with us his thoughts in a passage titled “Gratitude for the Jodo Shinshu Teaching.”

The Hongwanji-ha International Department has shared with us the original Japanese version of the message together with the English translation.

The following is the passage “Gratitude for the Jodo Shinshu Teaching” taken from Gomonshu-sama’s message:

“Gratitude for the Jodo Shinshu Teaching”

Namo Amida Butsu.

“Entrust yourself to me. I will liberate you just as you are.” This is the calling voice of Amida.

My blind passions are embraced in the Buddha’s awakening,

So the Buddha calls to me “I will liberate you just as you are.”

Gratefully responding to the Buddha’s call,

I find that I am already on the path that leads to the Pure Land.

And the Nembutsu flows freely from my thankful heart.

Living with the Dharma as my guide

Softens my rigid heart and mind.

Gratitude for the gift of life I have received

Frees me from becoming lost in greed and anger,

And allows me to share a warm smile and speak gentle words.

Sharing in the joy and sadness of others,

I shall strive to live each day to its fullest.

It is Gomonshu-sama’s hope that this passage, together with the “Our Pledge” that he shared with us in his message at the 2018 Perpetual Memorial and Autumn Service, will be recited and shared by everyone on various occasions, particularly by young people and those who are not familiar with Buddhism or Jodo Shinshu so that it can lead to a closer connection to the teaching.


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