The Spirit of ‘No Side’ Is the Teaching of the Middle Path

The U.S. presidential election took place last November and it attracted a great deal of attention worldwide. But the election was also complicated by historic political as well as pandemic concerns, it has taken longer than anticipated to finalize the vote count, which means that results remained undecided.

Sadly, America is still divided on many social issues. Disagreements remain on topics like religious conflicts, the immigrant-refugee crises, and BLM and LGBTQ+ concerns. Unfortunately, from what we see in the news, even friends can abuse and use violence against one other because of our political differences.

Unfortunately, the ones affected most painfully are the children. Young people these days are anxious and fearful about discrimination and violence. They don’t feel hopeful about America’s future.

Despite the election results, now is the time to respect and accept the differences we have with others. We must realize the importance of both recognizing one’s social identity and of protecting human rights. This is how we can create a society which is kind and thoughtful. I believe this mindset is the only way to unite, not divide, this nation.