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A Letter from the BCA Endowment Foundation Board President

Dear BCA Members and Friends:

Carrying the Dharma Forward

We now understand that it is very difficult to prevent the spread of new pandemics in our global society, but in understanding the science of controlling them we all play a part in protecting each other from pandemics.

By each of us taking action to protect others, we ultimately protect ourselves. It is also very difficult to understand how to achieve a satisfied and unified society, when people find it difficult to see, appreciate and understand each others’ socially and psychologically caused pain and suffering and, if we all could, we all might have a better opportunity to live better lives.

During his time of change and strife, Shinran Shonin was able to realize, through achieving self-understanding, learning to see things as they truly are, and entrusting in Amida Buddha, that all are welcome in the Pure Land, and we all will realize it as well. Eight generations later, Rennyo Shonin faced similar challenges and helped transmit the teachings and message of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism to the common masses and facilitated the growth of our mother temple organization in Japan, which eventually led to the founding of the Buddhist Churches of America.

Through many challenging periods since the BCA was founded over five generations ago, our members and ministers created and sustained Sanghas and temples to learn and practice Jodo Shinshu teachings. To address the challenges of our time now and into the future, it is our generation’s opportunity to address the needs of people today and in the future. There has not been a greater need, which will continue to grow.

The BCA Dharma Forward initiatives in support of BCA and IBS programs provide us the opportunity to contribute to continuing the legacy that has and will be created.

2020 BCA Endowment Foundation Results

The Endowment Foundation manages investments for the BCA, the Institute of Buddhist Studies and 27 affiliated organizations. Along with the rest of the country, the 2020 financial markets were roiled by a hot economy at the start, a horrendous attack on all sectors delivered by the COVID-19 pandemic, the social order was shaken by the realization of the impact of systemic racism in our country and the tremendous political turmoil of the national elections and aftermath. Our residents, as well as tech and growth companies, were able to pivot and adapt to new conditions with the financial aid of Congress and the policies of the Federal Reserve Bank, which is reflected in the Foundation’s investment results.

This past year, the Endowment Growth A Fund showed a return of 20.3% and overall investment earnings increased by $6,129,368 and $1,035,395 was disbursed. Total assets managed by the Endowment increased from $35.7 million to $41.9 million, due to investment returns, donations and deposits into custodial accounts. The Endowment received a total of $466,277 in donations. The Endowment will continue to stay the course with long-term investing in a diverse portfolio, which has netted positive returns in the past.

The Endowment supports the Dharma Forward fundraising efforts, which will contribute to BCA and IBS initiatives. Please participate in Dharma Forward in any way you can and contact Michiko Inanaga, Director of Development, at the BCA Endowment Foundation if you need any assistance or please don’t hesitate to contact me at the following address:

Buddhist Churches of America Endowment Foundation

1710 Octavia St., San Francisco, CA 94109

Phone: 415-776-5600

In Gassho,

Charles Ozaki, President, BCA Endowment Foundation



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