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Bartolacci Is New BCA Administrative Assistant

Angela Bartolacci is the new BCA Administrative Assistant reporting to Director of Operations Gayle Noguchi.

Bartolacci joined the BCA staff on Oct. 31. She is from Virginia, where she worked as a marketing and outreach coordinator for a chain of physical therapy clinics.

She was instrumental in executing their expansion, growing from one clinic to five new clinics in a six-year period. Her fiancé is currently in a post-doctoral program at the University of California, Berkeley, in Newar Buddhism.

Bartolacci will be handling all incoming calls and emails to BCA; assisting with national meeting preparations; updating the Wheel of Dharma mailing list with changes; supporting Noguchi in her responsibilities of government compliance matters; overseeing the administrative departments and lay staff; interfacing with BCA and other organization leadership; and serving as a point of contact for temple leadership.

She will be working out of the Jodo Shinshu Center in Berkeley, California, on the second floor.

Bartolacci can be reached at: and 415-776-5600.



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