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Celebrate Obon with New Bon Odori ‘Kangie’

Commissioned by the BCA Music Committee, artist and activist Nobuko Miyamoto has created the new bon odori, “Kangie” (“Gathering of Joy”), for use at temple Obon festivals.

The audio tracks were recorded this spring with a phenomenal roster of musicians including Nobuko Miyamoto, “Atomic” Nancy Sekizawa, and Helen Ota (vocals), Mark Izu (sho), Mike Penny (shamisen), Kaoru Watanabe (flute), Isaku Kageyama (taiko), and Kenny Endo (tsuzumi and percussion). Nobuko wrote the lyrics and co-composed the music with Derek Nakamoto.

The concept for the work was inspired by talks with Rev. Masao Kodani and the dance was choreographed by Nobuko Miyamoto, Elaine Fukumoto, and Rev. Kodani.

The audio recording is downloadable and accompanied by a dance instruction video on the BCA Music Committee’s webpage:

With gratitude to Nobuko Miyamoto and her many collaborators, we hope you enjoy the latest American bon odori.

Wynn Kiyama is a member of the BCA Music Committee and Co-Chair of the Bon Odori-Taiko-Public Music Subcommittee.


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