Dharma Forward Campaign Developing Pathways for Future

In addition to the original purpose of funding the BCA and the IBS, the Dharma Forward Campaign created the additional benefit of allowing BCA leadership to focus and prioritize certain initiatives to fund and advance the organization.

The 2019 National Council Meeting authorized the Dharma Forward Campaign and initially designated the first $1 million dollars raised to address vital needs at the BCA. Beyond this initial designation, BCA and IBS would fund priority items to advance their missions. BCA leadership chose to create an allocation system and leaders.

Guided by the BCA Executive Committee’s strategic vision and direction, new Pillar Coordinators are forward thinking and subject matter experts charged with overseeing the success of a “pillar” — four major areas within the BCA critically necessary to the operation and growth of the organization: Education & Programs, Outreach & Technology, Ministerial Support and Scholarships, Facilities & Operations.

Each pillar has several initiatives which are projects designed to support and sustain each pillar.