IBS Professorial Chair Endowments Donations Make Impact

The Dharma Forward Campaign

The Buddhist Churches of America (BCA) and Institute of Buddhist Studies (IBS) have adopted the Dharma Forward as a shared vision to build the future of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism in America.

Dharma Forward is a long-term fundraising campaign to address capital needs and provide for the long-term sustainment of its educational, outreach, and propagational efforts. The focus of Dharma Forward is to undertake a major investment in our future through four initiatives:

  • Education and programs

  • Technology and Outreach

  • Facilities and operations

  • Ministerial Support and Scholarships

IBS and Buddhist Education

Both BCA and IBS recognize that Buddhist education is a vital component of our long-term commitment to spread the Dharma to all people and all segments of society. We also recognize that the Institute of Buddhist Studies will continue to play a central role in furthering Buddhist education at our temples, for our ministers, in universities and throughout society. For this reason, an important goal of the Dharma Forward campaign is the full funding of six legacy professorial chair endowments at IBS.

IBS Graduate-Level Education

IBS is a seminary and graduate school. As a post-graduate academic institution, IBS strives to offer a high quality, graduate-level education for persons who aspire to become Shin Buddhist ministers, chaplains, and scholars. It is vital, therefore, that IBS have a faculty consisting of scholars and practitioners who are excellent in instruction, research, and achievement in specialized areas of Buddhist and religious studies.

What is a professorial chair?

An IBS professorial chair establishes a lasting legacy in the propagation of the Buddhist teachings in the United States and around the world.

  • A professorial chair often references a particular area of study. This signals a commitment to that area of research and education. Hence, by having a number of professorial chairs, IBS can offer students a broad range of specialized, graduate-level educational opportunities.

  • A professorial chair is often named for a person(s) or organization that made significant contributions to the propagation of the Dharma, creating bonds of karmic connection between IBS and our donors.

  • An appointment to a professorial chair is an academic honor for an IBS professor. It is a recognition of that person’s teaching, scholarship and academic achievement.

The Institute of Buddhist Studies receives the benefits of six Legacy Professorial Chair Endowments. They are:

  1. George and Sakaye Aratani Professor of Contemporary Shin Buddhist Studies