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Monterey Peninsula Celebrates 75th Anniversary

After a delay of a year because of COVID-19 restrictions, the Monterey Peninsula Buddhist Temple celebrated its 75th anniversary on Oct. 8, 2022.

The celebration began with a moving anniversary and Eitaikyo Muen Hoyo service led by Bishop Rev. Marvin Harada. More than 100 Sangha members, friends and supporters gathered to hear welcome and congratulations from Resident Minister Rev. Jay Hosei Shinseki.

Rev. Harada addressed the gathering with an inspiring and moving keynote address. He reflected to when the temple was founded 75 years ago and asked the audience to also reflect on how in many ways the world has changed — and has not changed — in the past 75 years.

He said there is still hate, anger and suffering in the world, and reminded us that we are seeing the same problems as those experienced by the Buddha and Shinran Shonin.

“Greed, anger and ignorance still abound in our world, and that is why you and I need the Dharma,” Rev. Harada said. He reminded us that technology has advanced and times have changed since 1946, but that the Dharma and Namoamidabutsu is timeless.

He reminded us that the Nembutsu is the unobstructed path. And when we embrace the Nembutsu, we become one with all those in the past that have made our Monterey temple last and continue for the past 75 years.

Coast District ministers Revs. Naomi Nakano, Etsuko Mikame and Yushi Mukojima assisted in the memorable celebration service. Representatives from the BCA, Coast District and all District temples were in attendance to congratulate the Monterey Peninsula temple.

After the service, attendees enjoyed a wonderful bento lunch while watching a slide show of Monterey events over the years. BCA President Terri Omori congratulated the gathering and thanked Monterey for its continued commitment to spread the Dharma.

A congratulatory message from Rev. Yoshihide Matsubayashi was read. Former minister Rev. Michihiro Honda, aka Tanaka, addressed the crowd with a video message that was nostalgic and deeply appreciated by the members.

Each attendee went home with great memories and a commemorative bag and nenju from the temple. It was a memorable gathering to express gratitude to all those in the past who have allowed us to continue to hear and share the Dharma in the Monterey Bay area.



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