Virtual FBWA Conference Set Oct. 14-16

The 46th National Federation of Buddhist Women's Associations Conference will be held virtually on Oct. 14-16, 2022. “Winds of Change" "Jidai no Shinka ni Kiku" is the theme for this year's conference.

The Federation of Buddhist Women’s Associations (FBWA) has been gradually declining in membership for a variety of reasons. Change is inevitable and the FBWA must actively embrace the change in American Buddhism to grow and regain its viability.

This year’s conference is focused on the younger generation and how to engage and encourage them to look to the future of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism in America and participate in their Sanghas and become Buddhist Women’s Association (BWA) members in the future.

The FBWA Conference Planning Committee has worked hard to bring an exciting and meaningful conference. We are pleased to bring together three dynamic BCA women ministers to participate in the keynote speaker panel: Rev. Kaitlyn Mascher-Mace (Tri-State/Denver Buddhist Temple), Rev. Etsuko Mikame (San Jose Buddhist Betsuin), and Rev. Ko'E A. Umezu (West Los Angeles Buddhist Temple).